RAID Utility - Using Non-RAID JBOD Disks

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Using Non-RAID JBOD Disks

Disks that are not part of the RAID environment are called JBOD disks (just a bunch of
disks). If you install a new disk or a disk taken from a computer without a RAID card, it is
treated as a JBOD disk, and you see a dialog that asks you how you want to proceed.

Open Disk Utility: Opens Disk Utility so you can erase or partition the drive and then
use it in the Finder like any other disk. The resulting JBOD disk can also be read on a
computer that doesn’t have a RAID card installed.

Ignore: Allows a formatted disk to appear in the Finder with its data intact.

Open RAID Utility: Opens RAID Utility so you can use the disk to create a RAID set or a
spare drive. The disk is shown in RAID Utility with the state JBOD.

A non-RAID disk has
the state JBOD

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